Next Generation Security Solutions With Wiseline Technology

Wiseline is a provider of security solutions; we are experts in fully integrated surveillance, data communication, and storage solutions that can be specifically tailored to address any security challenge. We are reputable business partners dedicated to enhancing consumer value by fostering a safe environment, which fosters social prosperity. In order to grow and improve the working environment of a firm, we make an effort to replicate every obstacle using cutting-edge and creative technology. Among the end-to-end solutions we provide:

  • Airport Security
  • Public spaces security
  • Office surveillance and security
  • High-end surveillance for financial institutions
  • Surveillance in populated areas
  • Large area and City surveillance
  • Mobile DVR and transportation

We deliver some of the most safe and dependable solutions since we operate in a setting that fosters quick technical innovation by being at the forefront of every ubiquity solution. We have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to provide our customers with one of the most comprehensive product lines ever seen in the surveillance sector. Some of the most sophisticated and efficient monitoring solutions across industries are integrated and managed by our tried and true business practises.

Office Security Solutions

From corporate espionage to sabotage, from the destruction of property to keeping a check on productivity – most workplaces today need a range of electronic security solutions. Keeping this in mind, wiselinetechnology has designed surveillance solutions for corporates specially designed for the office space.

We fully understand the security challenges of a commercial office and therefore strive to provide surveillance solutions that alleviate the risks of liability, vandalism, dishonest employee behavior, and more importantly theft. Having delivered experienced quality video surveillance solutions, we help our customers build powerful security plans that have the ability to thwart every challenge and facilitate business protection.

Airport Security Solutions

Airports have a lot to deal with when it comes to security. From facing the ever-present threat of terrorism to enforcing strict rules and regulations, airport security personnel operate in a fast-paced environment that offers no room for mistakes. IP surveillance technology and new innovations in video analytics are helping to raise airport security to new heights.

Besides the considerable challenges of airport security, there is also the incredibly demanding criteria for protecting passengers, preventing sabotage, fires, and explosions and managing accesses and authorizations. wiselinetechnology provides airport security solutions that can combat terrorism along with providing advanced video analytics using behavioral technology and enabling real-time surveillance from several digital streams. The surveillance systems are flexible, scalable and can be easily integrated into newer systems using digital encoders.